Laboratories require a deep understanding of the specific needs, purposes and risks associated with each of them. Some of these requirements are specific to an industry, or to an activity. Exilab designs, engineers and delivers your lab spaces

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Our laboratory types

Analytical and Quality Laboratories

In analytical and quality laboratories products and materials are tested against conformity to specifications and the absence of impurities. These laboratories form an essential component within the production and the supply chain.

Biosafety Laboratories

The purpose of biosafety laboratories and suites is the containment of potentially harmful biological agents. The containment is achieved through a thoughtful combination of methods, facilities and equipment. The levels of containment go from BSL1 to the highest level of BSL4.


In cleanrooms the number of dust particles permitted per volume of air defines the classification of the clean room. All aspects of the people and materials flows, the mechanical systems and the room finishes are to be consistent with each other.

Clinical and Medical Laboratories

These laboratories are equipped for diagnostic tests on tissue, blood and other patient samples. They can be subdivided into various processes such as pathology, serology, histology, virology, bacteriology and molecular biology with PCR-technologies.

Incubator Laboratories

Laboratories conducting microbiological, and cell or tissue culture work require incubators to protect these cultures from the environment. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, and O2 and CO2 levels need to be controlled.

Production Laboratories

Pilot production or small volume laboratories as a scale-up between R&D and commercial production, or for the production for clinical trials, form a category on their own. Such laboratories can be found in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and the science and technology sectors.

Research & Development (R&D) Laboratories

This category covers a broad spectrum of laboratories with various risk qualifications and containment requirements such as: PBOEL, Bio Safety Laboratories, laboratories with radio-active risks etc. Also specialized laboratories for seed, crop, material, and life sciences research are part of this category.


We successfully operate across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries such as: the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, the healthcare and education sectors, and science and technology companies.

In terms of geographies our home markets are Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Luxemburg, and we consider the whole of Europe as our potential market. We work for multinational companies to successfully deliver project solutions across multiple sites in different countries.

Design Services


Consulting services & feasibility studies

Conduct (strategic) planning and programming, define options and evaluation criteria, develop laboratory typicals, concepts and standard



Concept design, basis of design, detailed design, construction documents



Architectural, structural, HVAC, mechanical, electrical, security, civil, fire safety engineering, gasses and fluids, instruments and alarms, building management systems


Project management

Schedule and cost management, bid packages, bid evaluation, construction administration, construction management, safety management, commissioning and qualification management, project documentation, and start-up support


Special services

Exilab has accredited professionals in LEED and BREEAM design, deploys computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling. Exilab can support clients with the organization of facilities management services, and is available to conduct project audits and second opinions.

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Exilab designs, engineers and delivers laboratories through a multidisciplinary approach.

Laboratory planners, architects, engineers, construction managers all work together as one team. Being located in one office is an important asset in our integrated design and engineering approach.

Our vision is to design laboratory projects from the inside out.

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