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In 1977 ir. Paul Van Looy began his professional career as a logistics engineering consultant.

Van Looy Group

Very soon architects, civil-, electrical- and mechanical engineers joined him. From then onwards, “Van Looy Group” operated as a multidisciplinary engineering company focusing on the design and construction of complex logistics facilities and distribution centers.

Divers and singular

Over the years, other types of projects were added such as manufacturing buildings, laboratories and even datacenters.

The foundation

This format was the foundation for a journey that successfully delivered numerous projects for many companies – multinational, medium and small sized – in different industries and sectors.

With the mission to focus on the design and construction of laboratory type projects, Exilab was founded as a daughter company of “Van Looy Group”.

Our mission

The mission of Exilab is to design, engineer and deliver laboratory spaces and buildings that allow its clients to excel their businesses and that exceed their expectations.

Exilab’s clients are situated mostly in the pharmaceutical and the biotechnology industry, the healthcare and education sector, and the science and technology sector.

Exilab works for both multinational companies as well as small and start-up companies.

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Our vision is to design laboratory projects from the inside out.

We deploy a multidisciplinary and integrated design and engineering approach which results in modular and efficient solutions. At the same time our laboratory design and engineering experts constantly challenge the status quo in order to develop innovative and break through solutions for our clients.

Exilab designs, engineers and delivers your laboratory spaces

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